About us

Founded by Stuart Hatch, Green Leaf Timber Framers is based in Hampshire and has over 15 years experience in construction of timber structures.

We specialize in green oak timber frames but as you can see from our Case Studies, we have helped many people with a range of projects.

We will find the perfect balance between budget, design and quality for our clients.

Case Studies

Timber Framer - Softwood & Oak Porches

Softwood & Oak Porches


Timber Framer - Garages & Doors

Garages & Doors


Timber Framer - Car Ports

Car Ports


Timber Framer - Oak Workshops

Oak Workshops


Timber Framer - Oak Glazing

Oak Glazing


Timber Framer - Joinery



Timber Framer - Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms


Timber Framer



What we build

We can build anything from internal joinery, small garden structures, porches, garages, workshops, garden rooms, stable’s all the way up to large barns.

We may use modern tools but we still make our oak frames by hand, using traditional methods of English timber framing.

We don’t have a standard size or work to a template for any of our work. Every job is totally unique to each of our clients.

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